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After a long time wish and efforts by the Syrian Orthodox Christians in peterborough, We have established a new parish in U.K.
This parish is under patronage of His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka Iwas 1 (Prince Patriarch of Antioch & Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church) and His Eminence Dr Mor Theophilose Kuriakose (Patriarchal Vicar & Metropolitan of Europe & UAE).
Revd Fr siju varghese Kaungampillil is the vicar/president of this parish.This is one of the main parishes of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in Europe[MSOC Europe]
The first holy mass was celebrated by Rev Fr Siju Varghese Kaunagampillil. In January 21st of 2006. There is around 25 families who attend the holy mass and cooperate with the growth of the church. To continue with the spirit, all have decided to celebrate the holy mass third Sunday of the month. We worship at ST Andrews united reformed church,ledbury road netherton,Peterborough,PE3 9RF. The Holy Qurbana celebrates every Third Sunday of the month at 3.00pm. We conduct Sunday School class in Malayalam for our children before the Holy Qurbana. This will help our children to learn our prayers, traditions and Malayalam language especially when we live in a different culture.
Our bishop H.G Dr. Kuriackose Mor Theophilose Metropolitan,s bull of 2006 may announced the church as a parish in jacobite Syrian orthodox church and named as MOR GREGORIOS JACOBITE SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, PETERBOROUGH ; his grace visited our church in september 29th of 2006 and celebrated the holy mass. HG reminds people to be strong and firm in their belief in Jesus Christ. It was a stimulation for Christians to arise and work for God and also to lead a divine life with God.

In our parish there is a general committee of 6 members of the parish and Vicar as the President for its administration purpose. The general activities include celebrating the Holy mass, intersection prayers, preach god, support each other and charity works that include helping people in their poverty and misery, visit sick people and pray for them, teach children about God .

The Syrian Orthodox Church it one of the most ancient Christian churches tracing its roots to the church of Antioch. The disciples were first called in Antioch. Apostle peter is believed to have established a church in Antioch in AD. 37, the remnants of which arc still in Antioch

The number of followers of the Syrian Orthodox Church today is around three million. The majority of them reside in India and the rest are spread mainly in Syria. Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Europe, North and South America and Australia. Its supreme head at present is his holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zaakal Iwas, patriarch of Antioch and all the east, the 122nd successor of st.peter in the legitimate line of patriarchs of Antioch

The supreme head looked upon as the common father of all Syrian orthodox people wherever they are. He is obeyed by the Catholicose , prelates, clergy, and laity of all ranks in the Syrian Orthodox His holiness patriarchs religious duties include the installation of Catholicose , the consecration of chrism with the assistance of at least two bishops

The Catholicose of India at present is His Grace Aboon Mor Baselious Thomas I who is second in order to supreme spiritual head, the patriarch of Antioch. Under his grace there are number of bishops to look after each diocese

The Syrian orthodox church in Europe is established around 15 years ago. The Metropolitan Mor Geevarghese Mor Gregarious who was the first metropolitan for the Europe diocese. The Metropolitan His Grace Mor Theophilose Kuriakose who is the present bishop for the this diocese.

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